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For Horses

Equine Hemp Oil | 3,000 mg

Equine Hemp Oil | 3,000 mg

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Horse / Equine Wellness Oil with 3,000 mg Organic Hemp Extract is formulated to:

  • Help keep horses in peak condition
  • Provides supporting nutrients for the health of aging horses
  • Supports the physical and mental well-being of horses
  • Keep equine calm

Equine Wellness Hemp Extract Oil is made from all-natural ingredients with no harsh additives, no chemicals, no fillers that help maintain the general health of all horses. Safe for all ages, breeds, and sizes of horses, goats, cows, mules.

size hemp
max per day
200 lbs 50mg 1/2 dropper
400 lbs 100mg 1 dropper
800 lbs 200mg 2 droppers
1200 lbs 300mg 3 droppers
1600 lbs 400mg 4 droppers
2000 lbs 500mg 5 droppers
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