Collection: Equine

Equine Wellness 500mg Chews is a line of natural horse treats that provide all-natural support for your equine's general health and well-being. Our delicious apple crunch flavor helps keep horses in peak condition, with no harsh additives or chemicals! 

Equine Wellness Hemp Extract 3,000mg Oil is made from all-natural ingredients with no harsh additives, no chemicals, and no fillers that help maintain the general health of all horses. Safe for all ages, breeds, and sizes of horses, goats, cows, and mules.

Suggestions for use:
Aggressiveness, Anxiety, Arthritis, Calming, Cancer, Diarrhea, Grooming, End of Life, Fireworks, Glaucoma, Hyperactivity, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Lymphoma, Motion Sickness, Pregnancy, Seizures, Skin Allergies.


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